A stroll around the block, or an invigorating sprint through the neighborhood, or a workout at the park... 

Butler Bailey's friendly and reliable staff will happily assist making sure your furry friend(s) get taken out for daily walks and some exercise while you are occupied at work or other occasions.

We conveniently offer different options to suite your needs and schedule.  We always carry water for hydration and treats for good behavior.

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Regular routine walks and exercise benefit your pet(s) in many ways.

  • Helps build up trust and confidence in timid and fearful pets.

  • Reduces pent up energy, hyperactivity, and stress from being cooped up all day.

  • Maintains potty schedules.

  • Provides socialization with others outside the family.

  • Provides attention, play time, reduces boredom and whining.

  • Supports good mental health and good physical health; by maintaining agility, limberness and healthy weight.



1) Revitalizing Stroll

Includes a 35 minutes leisure walk around the neighborhood. Your pet will experience all the sights, smells, and sounds with this low-intensity walk in addition to taking care of his/her business.



$22.00/per stroll (Single)

$21.00/per stroll  (*Weekly Advanced Payment)

$19.50/per stroll   (**Monthly Advanced Payment)

2) Advanced Toning & Conditioning Walk

Includes a 45-60 minutes moderate intensity walk with intermittent cooling rest and hydration periods. Which keeps your pet moving for an extended period of time to build and improve endurance while strengthen muscles.  


$25.00-$31.00/per walk (Single)

$24.00-$30.00/per walk (*Weekly Advanced Payment)

$22.50-$28.50/per walk (**Monthly Advanced Payment)

3) Cardio Park Play

Includes 90-120 minutes of low & high intensity workouts.  Your pet will start with a warm-up walk, followed by high intensity interval training (ie: fetch & retrieve, catching frisbee, agility course) with recovery rest and hydration periods. Concluded by a cool down walk to bring your pets body back to a resting state by lowering his/her heart rate and calming their nervous system.


$39.00-$54.00/per play (Single)

$38.00-$53.00/per play  (*Weekly Advanced Payment)

$36.50-$51.50/per play (**Monthly Advanced Payment)


Additional pet(s): +$5.00 (small dog under 40 lbs.), +$10.00 (large dog over 40 lbs.), +$3.00 (cat)

Saturday & Sunday: +$3.00 per visit for weekend surcharge.

Service booking(s) for anytime after business hours 7:00 p.m. may incur an after hours fee.

Any services over 5 miles from BB Hub, 66 Hermitage Ave. Nashville, will incur a mileage surcharge.


All service visits must be scheduled at once for discounted rates to apply.

*Weekly Rates equals 5 pre-paid walks or plays of the same option within a 3 week period.

**Monthly Rates equals 12 pre-paid walks or plays of the same option within a 4 week period.     

Custom packages available for clients seeking mixed options. Please email or call.

Service booking(s) for anytime after business hours or same day services may incur an after hours or convenience fee. 

Peak Season (Holidays)
Surcharge of $10.00 per visit 

  • New Years Day

  • Easter

  • Memorial Day

  • 4th of July

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve

  • Christmas Day

Our Butlers are Members of and Certified by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.  

Butler Bailey's Pet Services is insured and bonded by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas and Travelers Insurance



Customize your pet's daily exercise routine.